Murray Irwin “Moe” Norman 1963 Interview

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Moe Norman one of Canada’s better golfers is also known as Canada’s clown prince of golf Horace Brown experiences out about this entitle from mol himself. You have a bit of a reputation for clowning on the links. Is this justified? Well, yes, the when I was on the expedition. They only stopped me from stumbling off the coke bottles because it was too dangerous. In case glass flew up and people of you looking at your staring with their attentions a little bigger and they were flew off and hit them. They get to the PGA. But as far as my big-hearted teas and recalls of the clod, my squad balancing everything heating up the breeze kitchen in my school pocket in my back pocket. They adore that. Well, they told me more, that you’re a little of a worry to tournament officials about the coke pounds. That’S all no. I mean in a tournament long before when I was afraid to make a speech. Yes, I’d disguise, I’d, extended and obscure when, if I won the tournament now you’re , not so scared of impelling speeches, are you well? No, I. Why do I got a little bit of confidence thanks to Bert ERCOT who’s done a lot for me now. What do you think the future is for Canadian professional golf? Well, it’s getting really big now, because you got there since a bursary tournament started, which is started out, vaulting off with making a very good living. Now now George listen coming up very good and lots of other younger pros. It forms your work harder because it’s ten weeks on the safarus. Yes, this George ltzen seems to have something on the ball. If you’ll, forgive the pun, you’ve got a lot of trust. A much of bowels, what you got to have in any play to be good! I don’t want to put you on any spot, but I’m told that if you would settle down and pay attention to the game that you could be one of the top adepts yourself now, how do you feel about that? Well, I don’t think so because, like you said before, I’m the clown, I’m greater confidence that Wayne I’ve shot 59 and 61. This road I’ve got 16 course records. I recollect I’ve got some of the most wonderful rounds ever shot in one round in Canada, which I fact I know I have it’s not too many. Golfers in the world countries, I’d have 59 on a par 70. Do you get more amusing out of the game this route by not taking it dangerously? Yes, I’ve grown up that mode and parties like somebody different and took it after I hit the ball, like you just seen my tee shots, and I make it seem as easy as it looks and beings cherish that you do seem to attract galleries. Don’T you yes, I like him very much and I like to give my screams. Of track, I’m kidding you a great deal now. Well, but actually you do play golf pretty well and you do take it seriously. Don’T you I still like to earn. Everybody likes to winning, but I’m just a little different when a bunch is a little quiet. I are happy to situated some trigger into them laughs a little and I do do you think you could ever reach the top grades to say something like the Masters golf tournament. That’S something you don’t know. Cuz you’d always have liked to. Naturally, my first two months of my life on the expedition, I was passing a major tournament after 60 excavations aged. Are you 31? What does that mean in terms of golf? It’S not like other boasts is, it were age is such affecting. Well, they say on the expedition you best times for a tournament player between 34 and 43 year, best times and look at them today: Sam Snead, 50 and Ben Hogan, and every time they tread on the first tee, they’re still a serious threats. So the very best times are still ahead of you. You figured, I sure, hope. So what admonition would you give to young golfers just starting out mole, who want to learn something about video games? Well, the main thing today, a lot of parties don’t have liberty as the control, which is the first thing you got ta do because you’re grabbing the golf club and the most important thing is grab it right. They can’t substantiate the grasp on radio, but how would you explain it well, like they say, be supposed to see three knuckles? Definitely palm and digit grasp on the left hand and strictly a finger traction on the right hand. Do you have any favorite sororities, you prefer lumbers or cast-irons yeah? I received like the motorist. Cuz I’ve always been the best part of my tournament. Like first time I toy I was venturi and my life announced me grapevine and I’ve never forgotten that now. Boardin give me a good plug the other day thing didn’t. I simply played two accords last week. He said and nobody some straighter than I do that’s what they planned by pipes. Yes, what’s been, the longest drive you’ve ever draw plus 340 grounds actually on a hard, fairway and downhill. What’S your favorite direction, oh we’re pretty well all good. As far as I still like a delightful, restrict golf course like Cataraqui and Kingston’s very narrow. That’S what won the Narrows courses in Ontario? I would say what it’s one lover course we have here in Toronto. Boxgrove is finest golf course in Canada, but I’ve ever played. Do you think the time will ever come again when a golfer like sandy Somerville will come along in Canada, take the top American colts and the top American tournament? Yes, I think there will, because a great deal of young kids are playing today. It’S coming, mothers and papas want to see their girls play today, which is very good. You do a good deal of teaching now. I guess it when you come to instructing you lay off any clowning. Do you? Yes? Well, that’s strictly business and get to people swing in the society right! That’S what they’re coming to before! That’S what I’m gon na do and I been fucking loving it. Do you find that brides are procreating better golfers now than before? And yes, I would say they are since Martin Stewart who has done very much for Canadian golf. That’S because she’s won every amateur major amateur expression in the world. What would be your biggest thrill in golf ball in any tournament? Well, the biggest thrill my life so far is looking at that first invitation to the Masters, which is always anybody’s dream to see the Masters but to play in it is really a stimulate. And how did you make well to me not that nowhere near the top, but still remained me it felt very good to walk down those fairways with 40,000 people on the side of you’re walking in the rough and you’re walking down there and they’re all looking at You so it was review nothing get in there without “ve got something”. What was your low-toned rating and then 73, and you figure you’re gon na better. That as hour gone on, I sure hope. So, yes,

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