Hit the Driver Solid and Straight as you Maximize Your Distance.

So, there’s no better feeling, knowing that, when you wake up in the morning to go play golf that you’re gon na play well, there’s no better feeling of hitting good golf shots down the fairway years ago. I was frustrated because I lost that I was confused. I was frustrated and then I met Moe Norman and learned the single-plane swing, and so now I wake up every day and I know I’m gon na hit it well. I know I’m gon na play well, I know I’m gon na have fun. So my mission today is to help as many people as possible wake up every day, feeling good that they’re gon na go out there and play great because of the single point swing all right.

So one of the most important clubs in the bag, obviously, is the driver, and why is this important? Well, let’s just talk about what happens when you don’t hit the driver well right and I talked to people a lot about this at my golf schools. In the sense that golf is a great game and I’m sure we can go shoot great scores and you do that with your short game and putting – and I get all that and and that’s a very important port of scoring – is your short game right chipping. Putting making putts all that stuff so don’t forget that short game is a critical element, I’m not ignoring short game in this conversation. However, I want to make this point if you hit your driver, poorly and you’re playing out of the rough and you hit it OB and you’re in the trees and you’re not hitting it well.

Golf is a very frustrating and not fun game. I can tell you that right now on this on the other flip side of that coin, is that if you hit the driver well and then you go and you don’t putt so well you don’t chip so well, you can still say well. I had a great good time hit it pretty good. Just didn’t make too many putts right. So my point is: is that yes, we need all those different parts of the game, they’re all very important to playing.

Well, I am, if you’re into scoring great, you need to score well, you need to chip and putt and hit the driver well, but the driver is the one that kind of determines whether you have fun or not. I know that sounds kind of kind of contrary, but fun is made from the fairways. I hate looking for golf balls matter of fact. If you play golf with me, there’s a good chance that I’m not gon na look for your golf ball in the rough. I’M just I just think it’s a it’s kind of like distracts from my game.

I’M sorry I’ll give you a dozen golf balls before we play. I just don’t like looking for golf balls. If I’m gon na play my game, I’m gon na go play my game. So I don’t want to be rude. I just don’t like looking for golf balls, mine or anybody else’s, so I like it when people hit the driver really well so today I want to talk about the basic elements of driving the golf ball well and the single plane swing, but I think we need To first cover the idea of single plane and the driver, because most the time that I am showing you single plane, it’s always with like a 6-iron.

So let’s just talk about the single plane address position with the driver and let’s just talk about the basics. Nothing is changing and the swing is exactly the same swing that I’ve talked about with a wedge a 6-iron or any other Club. But obviously this is the longest Club in the bag with the least amount of loft. So when you see me setup in a single plane with this club, I’m obviously a little further from the golf ball because it is a longer Club. You see, the ball is on a tee and I have my widest stance.

So I have a wide stance. The ball is on a tee and I’m further from the golf ball now and I’ll go through some more of those things: the basic principles of driving the ball and the mechanics here in a second two variables. But let’s look at the single plane address position with the driver. When you see me set up, you still see the trail arm lining up with the club. Shaft see that you still see the tilt of my body and the lead arm is visible above that trail arm from this down-the-line view.

So there you go. There’S that single plane, setup notice. The club is going through the middle of my body middle of my back and you can’t see it as well, but I have the proper tilt of my body and there’s your single plane swing. I’M gon na go back and then come down and return that Club right back to the same plane that it started. Mechanics are exactly the same now.

Look at the face on view of this for just a minute, and I want you to see this because when you look at this angle, this is what most people see when they see a single plane swing is stance width so when I get when I look When you look at my setup here notice that the ball position when I get my foot set up, is going to be on the inside of this foot watch. Why? Because when I come down the the club’s gon na go through the bottom of the swing arc and then it’s gon na start to slightly lift, and I launch the golf ball from that tee. If I have the property height, but look at something really, quick stance. Width is really important to the launch.

Let me show you: why notice that, when my stance gets wide when I hit a driver so obviously a very long Club, I want to produce speed. If I have, I want stability in my lower body, so by going a little bit wider now I have a nice stable base to produce rotational speed and speed of the golf club, so I’ll want a nice stable base. But the other thing that’s doing for me is my stance. Width is placing my head well behind the golf ball. You know they always say.

You’Ve heard it before an instructions stay behind the golf ball. Well, you don’t have to do this with a single plane swing because you’re already there look at my position at address now. So I have my ball position inside my lead foot here. Okay, so there’s driver ball position. I have my trail foot in a wide position and now the club is beneath my nose, it’s pointing to my lead side there.

That’S that pivot point area we talked about and now look at my position. My head is well behind the golf ball. I got to do is take the club back and bring it back down in the club. Naturally, because of my position goes through the bottom of the arc and starts coming up. You see how the stance, width and ball position create the ideal dynamics of launch for the club head and and I’ll just show you what the opposite of that might be.

If I had to narrow of a stance, so let’s say my stance was too narrow. I see this happen a lot. The club then makes a downward angle to the golf ball. Well, so now I’m hitting down on the golf ball. Obviously it’s on a tee.

I don’t want to do that. So what people will do is they’ll go, get a more lofted driver or less lofted driver because they’re hitting so down on it, so they start messing around too much with the club that they’re hitting the last variable that I want you to deal with. Is this. I want you to get all these mechanics correct. I want you to get the ball position, correct the tee, correct the stance with correct your single playing golf swing and your mechanics are all perfect.

And then I want you to finally deal with the golf club, which is based on the speed you’re producing and the flight of the golf ball, the spin rate and the launch. I want you to get through right loft. So this is the last variable that I want you to deal with and most people the problem is, is they deal with? This is almost the first variable they go by a new driver and say: oh I’m gon na keep working on. My driver goes to high.

I want to hit one further goes to low and they’re, not fixing the the basics of the mechanics. So what I teach is the opposite of that I want you to fix these mechanics, get all the the variables correct. T, height, ball position, stance, width! Get this correct and then this will be the last one you deal with. So let me just kind of show you this and they’ll hit a shot for.

You here walk you through this one more time with the driver, so I make sure the ball is teed up at least half of the ball of the top of the club. I got it. You got to launch it you’re, hitting it up slightly on the upward path to the golf club and then what I’m going to do here is get in my single plane setup position, nice wide stance where I like it and then all I got to do is Take the club back and down and return it. I’M gon na go shoulder the shoulders here and there’s a nice pattern of a golf shot. So what you’re seeing here is all the single plane elements?

Are there nice single plane position nicely on plane all the way through and the mechanics were there remember always with single plane Swing, lead knee is flexed, troph heel is down, and then you come up. Don’T forget to review this mechanics with a single plane swing. The driver makes sure you get good with this golf club and one final note here on the driver – and this is a practice note for you when I go to the range and let’s say I’m gon na hit 100 golf balls. So I got 100 golf balls in my bag. Here I hit 50 of those golf balls with a driver half now.

I know that sounds like a lot but think about it. For a second most of the golf shots off the tee you’re gon na hit 12 of them, or so or 14 of them, probably on a golf course right other than the par threes. 14. That’S a third! Almost a third of the golf shots full shots that you will hit golf right, so a lot of and those shots set you up for your best.

Golf you’ve got to become great with the driver. I asked Moe this question. I said Moe. What’S your favorite Club in your bag, you said the driver. I want you to put that in your mind as we as we close down this video today, just think if the driver was your favorite Club in the bag.

How much fun would golf be so make sure that you spend a lot of time. Get your mechanics right get all these variables correct and practice that driver hit lots of golf balls become great, with the driver and just watch how much fun you have playing with playing the game of golf thanks for joining me today and by the way, don’t forget To subscribe to my channel hit that little Bell icon and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you liked the video, I look forward to seeing you again soon. You

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