Single Plane Ball Position – A Key to Great Ball Striking

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Ball position: we got to talk about one of the most important things that good players do, that I see amateurs have a real problem with, and here let me up. Let me just say this: you can have a great golf swing. You can make a great motion if your ball position is bad you’re, going to hit a bad shot, so good players have practiced enough, and that’s part of you know training that they know what the ball position should feel like and what the best place is for. But let’s first talk about why ball position is where it’s positioned, and I want to get into a little specifics here because it has to do with the design of golf clubs. Now, if you look at a 3-wood, for example, or if you look at a driver, let’s look at it first and I show you my driver here to address you’re going to notice, there’s not very much loft in the driver and the driver is designed to be Struck at with very little shaft lean forward, in other words, it’s designed to be struck pretty much straight like this.

So when my swing comes down and I strike the ball, I want the club to be almost straight up and down that’s the way the club is designed. It doesn’t have a lot of loft on it. Then I might even hit the ball slot on the upward motion of the strike and that allows the ball to launch into the air, so this club is designed to be struck at this angle, so pretty much straight up and down. Now let me grab a wedge. This club is also designed straight up and down, but it needs to be struck with shaft lean, where I have about 10 degrees of chef handle forward in the head.

Why is that? Because if I had the ball sitting on the ground and this, I could not hit the sweet spot of the club on the sweet spot of the ball. The center of mass with the shaft straight up and down I the center of mass, is because of loft a wedge loft. I have to lean the club forward, see what happens that part of the club comes higher to the ball and I’m able to strike okay. So this club, I have hit with more lean than a driver or a 3-wood.

Now how do you do that with the same golf swing, because I don’t want to change my golf swing? I’M not changing my motion here. I don’t want 14 different swings in my bag right. I just want one swing for all clubs. How do I do that?

Well, you’ve got to do it with ball position and your feet. Now. This isn’t complicated. It’S practically pretty simple. So, let’s look at another element of the body now, so if I stand take a look at this golf ball right here that golf ball when I set up like this is positioned a few inches.

Let’S say five inches inside my lead heel right there: okay, throw that ball position. Now I want you, I’m gon na go into my tilt. I want you to watch this shoulder, so I’m gon na go into an arrow position. You see my shoulder go forward. I’M gon na step wider watch, the shoulder go back, narrow and then back notice.

How relative to that ball position that this goes further behind or more forward of the ball. Now, keep in mind that the only straight line you have with the golf club at the moment of impact is the alignment of the club to the shoulder. That makes this angle a very important angle when it comes to your ball, striking so watch when I set up to the ball here. If I set up with the narrow stance, do you see how my shoulder is far enough in front of the ball to where, when I hit this wedge, I have shaft lean. It’S very simple, narrow stance.

Shaft lean, okay, not hard to hit a wedge when I’m positioned correctly. Alright, let’s watch this now, let me grab a 3-wood now, a 3-wood. You know what shaft lean, and this thing this thing comes in with a tiny bit of shaft lean, but most of all, it’s just a tiny bit. Well, I don’t want to take this narrow stance because look what happens I’m! I can’t deal off the 3-wood like that.

I don’t want to hit look right into the ground. What am I gon na do? Well, I’m gon na basically keep that ball position. I’M gon na go wider. Now I’m going to have the ball position just a little forward here, so, in other words, it’s still inside my lead foot, but my just widened my feet.

When I widen my feet. Look at Miley shoulder goes back now. Watch this where’s my shoulder relative to the ball – it’s probably just about over it or maybe just slightly in front of it. But now when I hit this ball, it’s almost right there and I can launch this 3-wood all right. How did I do that stance with didn’t change my tilt going wider, all right, let’s hit this, let’s hit a driver check this out.

This is the club I want to hit the furthest right. I want to hit this thing long. What I’m going to do here? My ball position is on a tee bump. It forward it’s right inside my lead foot.

Now I take a super wide stance. This is the widest. I go. Look how far behind the golf ball. I am look at this shoulders behind the ball.

Now I can launch I’m behind the ball. How do I do that not like a wedge like a driver? Well behind it, I’m in launch position here here we go so the ball position and here’s the secrets to ball position. It’S always somewhere between five inches inside the lead, foot and forward based on the length of Club, and you all you have to do is adjust the trail foot to get this shoulder. Where you want it, you have to train that you have to practice that that’s.

Why we have certain training devices in our Academy that help you with that? But ball position is a major major component to great ball, striking, so don’t ignore it. [ Music, ]

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