Davinci Code Swing Chippimg Pitching Putting Mechanics All The Same

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Okay, guys it’s JH. A much of beings have asked me about da Vinci Code swing, mechanics for chipping, pitching and padding. So we’re going to do a speedy video, the servo. While we’ve got the the dark-green clear on the three facets. Now, it’s basically exactly the same.

Mechanics for for everything yeah, and that is that the the contest shoulder is connected to our hand, is here, and we don’t want any any problems with the sides. We could do a little of squad thought roam with the with the wrist, but we don’t want the pas traveling independently. The route we get the club moving is basically with the wrist. So so it’s essentially here guys and of course, what I do with with, and it’s just a personal preference, but I like to sort of hit my pitch shots and chip shots nice and crisp. So I represented the pellet back a little and with da Vinci, because we’re back here anyway, it’s just it’s just a neat feeling to have it back here.

So, if you’re, if you’re pitching the pellet, which is essentially a pitch shot, is from back here anything off the light-green back here, here’s a little portrait, so it’s and I feel for these form shots guys that are predominantly laden on that trial. So that’s where I am, I mostly adjusted it there and – and I precisely I precisely moved the hip and the the hip and the and the body to the shot. Now that’s a picture now then that’ll very many were anywhere from. You know: 30 gardens from the green. Whatever.

Now when we’re going to chip, the missile, which is from around the surroundings now, just go over there nope you go over there. Just shoot have fun on because we’re we’re on the periphery. Now you want to get as close as you possibly can. The confidential of good chipping at any time is having the sorority eliminating so much better of the arc as you possibly can. Don’T have any much arc in the shot, so so the way to do that is to get as close to the ball.

As you can hear, when you’re away from it, the society will tend to to simply arc alight, and you don’t want that. You want to be very much pendulum type action, so you get as close as you can again. This is stuck in here. The course we get the club moving is basically precisely the the wrist action. We don’t want any pas, travel or anything like that.

We just want to move the wrist, we’re completely eliminating any wander independently of the contest side. We don’t want any of that, so this is just the little trip-up shot chaps. So it’s here again, I’ve got the majority of members of the heavines on that on the route leg, I’m setting up nose over the pellet here. This is locked in now as long as this doesn’t go forward like that you can get as much movement as you want, with the sharp than with your hand as long as this back shoulder and upper arm doesn’t lose its positioning. So so this is the chip shot again.

Oh, I being a right eye DOM and I like to get it back. As far as I can, I don’t want it forward like that. I simply feel out of balance. I get here predominantly values now all that all that that connection is easy to is easy to achieve, going to be home, come in, are now in, got to go. So that’s what it’s about chaps!

It’S exactly the same action don’t down any difference is that when you’ll, when you’re off the dark-green and you’ve got to thump it further, then you’ve got to have a little bit more movement of the handwriting, but with a little chip shot it’s just. Mostly, it is there nothing special at all, but this is the secret guys that doesn’t move yeah yeah and let yourself feel free in that trial side there. Exactly let yourself, you know dad, don’t be really rigid like that. Just just let just let everything you say, I’m shocked moving me just let that happen. That’S just a natural balancing mechanism.

Now The DaVinci Code cut process, okay from a from a structural point of view, guys it’s the same now there the mitt is right here there. We are that’s what we was like if I turn around now now we know what motivates what gets the? What gets the putter disappearing is basically, that it’s just that. That’S that’s that people. We believe it or not.

That is that is a perfect pendulum action. The team can’t get off string. If you do that beings will say that’s risky, it is risky, but it’s absolutely a pendulum activity, and so it’s the same process. I feel the same when I chip. I pick.

I trimmed I’m in the same position now that right wrist is an equal that trial wrist is in exactly the same position, it doesn’t move and it just goes. It feels exactly the same. That’S all it is fan on or really smacked a duet down now. Okay inspects it appears rust-brown, but if you think about, if that’s there like that – and this is controlled and tied as a fulcrum, the association truly can’t arc can’t get off text. Look at this!

No can’t what you participate behind Awardings, you yeah and look at strike. The Potteries: that’s when you know you’re doing it right when you get the putter to really go dead straight when you, when you, when you when you, when you get the putter going through the missile, we don’t want any arcing and a lot of people in there. Putt you’ll assure the putter over here or it’s there, but here guys, if you think about, if I only do that, what’s much with the paradise look out squared, is it’s just dead straight-shooting? No, it simply does that and that’s here now, if you are like 95 % of golfers and you are right eye dominant – and this is just part and parcel of my my take on padding per se in terms of car-mechanics and the above reasons. A batch of people “ve got a lot” of rigor with padding.

It’S because people. I believe you exactly don’t see the line correctly if you’re a title look DOM and a actor – and you putt the ball up here, because the right gazes back here and you’re getting a parallax falsified viewpoint a parallax there a distorted consider of the hole. So what I try and do is I get my dominant seeing right over the koppel and I backpack the dance off that trial paw. I put it there right over it, their right eye over it and just cut it like that. Yeah all right.

The eye. Never moves, that’s all I want to do now if you think about it. As soon as I move my psyche now, I’ve got all sorts of poising mechanism, conflicting inclinations coming into play. I don’t want any of it. I exactly don’t want any of that.

I want to be here boy over here balance there. That’S what I feel like chaps, that’s what I feel like and if you think about this every time you miss a little suddenly putt on the golf course. What do you do you walk up and you do this? You bent forward and you do that and ninety nine hours nine level. Nine percent of the time he’s not getting the whole course you do that we leaned it, but though we lean forward – and we are only do that – people – that that’s a perfect pendulum so so da Vinci were locked in now – we’ve got the wrist here.

We stay here. We’Re looking at it with the freedom look and look at the blade ogle, blades dead square doesn’t matter what that does after the dance, but you don’t want travel sooner. You have hurtle, you’ve got a balancing act brought into play. That’S their own problems. You’Ve got to try and balance it even the little shot like that.

There’S a great deal of mass moving around, but if I’m there guys, I can have this – I don’t know that foot there. I would do anything , nothing moves. The equilibrium is extraordinary. The match is extraordinary. Now, look at this doesn’t matter where this croaks: yeah fastening it in here just take it back and forwards with this.

That’S all it is chaps. That’S what gets the club becoming, you think of all those immense cutters back in the 50 s 60 s. You know like Palmer and Caspar and even Hogan. You know how can settle it like this, that’s how they will putter Palmer Palmer was an incredible powder in his peak and Casper was this. This was Casper.

He had that left that lead hand down, and he precisely ran like that. They all knew that that continued the putter starting straight-shooting. This isn’t evolvement. This is modern piercing scientific and I don’t think it’s any good because I don’t think the chaps putt today anywhere near as good as they should considering the amount of evolutionary time to work out the problems with putting, and I reckon the problems with putting is that They’Ve inserted problems. These epoches I mean basic: do you think about that?

There’S not a lot can go wrong with that and actually guys that’s the way. You feel that’s how you feel distance I’ll use that trial pas as my feeler for disavow. If I want to fall in a hurl a clod of the camera man, that’s the type of feeling I had there, but if I had to throw a ball to the camera and move my weapon. No it is necessary do that. Just now, precisely Pat it right between his hoof here, really lock it in there perfect look at that.

It’S merely dead squalor! Just do that. Sometimes people have a look at your putter and look at the appoint on the on the grip and see that that group, that epithet on the grip, never varies the plane. That will show you that, even though that will feel like a a rusty, flippy-floppy action. If that list doesn’t move, that makes the face doesn’t move if that name doesn’t alter or the mark on the on the grip of whatever.

If that doesn’t move, then the face is constant. Okay, so so guys, basically the tipping the pitching everything is just now. For the for the for the pitching you simply get back here and and it’s just Bay – that’s the sloping shot there. That’S the chip shot chip shot is just that. That’S the chip shot pitch shot is that you don’t have to the club Athlon life here when you touch it I’ll.

Just just take a couple of shots run on I’ll precisely pitch one to that. Just keep on me for the just stay on me for specific actions and I’ll really pitch some down to that back flag, which is probably 40 45 yards apart. It’S simply down me to show the action exactly just go there. I’M present you guys yeah, really don’t move with the action. Only say: examination, I’m gon na it’s about 45 down there, just a little pitch shot, so everything is still incessantly here.

The ties-in still there the excellent option. That’S your little visualize perfect! So we’re not losing the link, guys they’re, going to say how the blade still Square to the line. Okay, yeah so guys, that’s it! That’S pitching padding and chipping with the Vinci.

Well, really merely do one more little microchip here just stay on the action, so so there’s so the the splintering activity when we’re right close to the light-green, it’s just only an shortened version of the pitching act. This just mostly does it all people here it is. This doesn’t move long as this doesn’t move. You can do that, but we don’t want that moving like that. We don’t want that travel.

Okay, guys. I simply reckoned I’d time that while we had the dark-green free today,

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