Davinci Code Swing With “Back Slap” Intention no 1

Okay, guys change, welcome to practice, T okay, guys now we’re really getting down to the to the real atomic particles of The DaVinci Code swing. Now, of course, the main emphasis and prerequisite is that we want to keep the trail elbow and upper arm the humerus behind the shirt seam line, the center of that seam line or as a better feeling and something probably easier to to get as a as a Metal fix is to just feel like your elbows behind your pocket if you’ve got a pocket in you in your shorts or your pants, that elbow is actually always behind the pocket. Now the whole emphases of the golf swing is that we maintain the feeling and the positioning of that trial elbow and that that humerus now, that does that does a couple of very important things. And one of the very important things is that, if you’re here and you’ve got this emphasis here, you’re always going to have a shot shoulder line and hopefully a little bit of a shot hip line. When you hit the ball, which will always promote it into our attack path, and if this is stabilized – and it’s not traveling traveling too much – it will always basically bring about an automatic release.

Factor, because this is here, it’s not going forward as we fire. This wrist hinge here, people automatically far away from that stationary or stabilized elbow end up around you. We’Ll just do that. If I move this here, there’s nothing forward too far away from you have to have something too far away from now guys. The other really important thing and something that I’ve just only been you know trying to incorporate in the swing.

I’Ve known it’s been there forever, but how to get it in the swing has always been tough, but now I’ve got it, and yesterday afternoon was the best. I’Ve ever hit the golf ball in my life ever from a consistency, point of view for about 25 minutes. It was just Xerox copied golf swing. Feeling in ball fly now guys when we’re here and when we’ve got the training device on you’ve always got this feel about us and we get to here and we’re running out of right arm and we’re running out of how to get the club to the ball. So all we do is we just fire, we fire the delivery mechanism, which is that hinge there in those fingers.

In that hand, we fire them, but guys what I’m going to add to that now dad did. That is an absolute non-negotiable. You have to do that. Otherwise, you won’t get the club back to the ball so to enhance that and to make the system much more mechanically sound and develop much more power and give you more timing and more time to hit the golf ball. We incorporate this feeling and guys.

This is the atomic particle of da Vinci. When we hear we want to feel that we’re not only firing it there guys we’re firing it there. It’S what I call the third ball. If you had a ball here and then a ball here, the metal emphasis now is on hitting the third ball way back here as a feeling. This is how early I want to release the golf club guys as a feeling.

I want to get it back here and I want to fire it there as a feeling. I won’t do that, but if I can fire it here, while this is still in this formation here, then I’m going to get the type of hit that I want and guys that’s what I had yesterday. So the feeling is simply this cars once we’ve gone here and we’ve got our stabilization and our connection. We feel like we’re firing the club. This way like it’s here like this, is all going this way and the club’s going that way there we’re firing it there.

You can’t fire it there because of the radius locking the golf swing it’ll fire this way, but it will feel like it’s firing there and it will feel so early put the same time. It’Ll feel incredibly late. When you hit the golf ball, it’s a dichotomy of feeling you will feel early, but you’ll feel late. At the same time, it’s absolutely extraordinary and it’s almost an automatic timing mechanism. I guess because it gives us a lot of an extra phasing here, an extra length on the phasing here when we get in here.

This is pretty tight and and it reduced in terms of of the amount of time phase we have in the golf swing, but when it’s out there guys it’s really when I’m when I was hitting the driver yesterday guys, I feel I felt honestly I felt like I was hitting behind behind myself way over there, and I was waiting. I felt like I waited so long for it was here, was this type of feel it’s what it felt like feels like that? That’S what I feel like now see what happens with the body when I do that when I get that as a feeling, look this posts up or spring loads, the hips go here and – and it gets me in this shot to stay back position now. What do we call this action? I call it a back slap because the slap is back there.

Now, I’m slapping it back here. That’S what is the back slap, so this video be called DaVinci Code with the back slap and that’s what it’s about guys. It’S about! Being able to to stay here, stay closed and fired this way, fantastic feeling yesterday afternoon was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in my life hitting golf balls, and we were here very late. It was like it’s daylight.

Saving here in Australian was about 7:30 and there was no one here and everybody had been going for an hour and we just went down here in front of the pad in green, and we were just hitting shots me and my buddy in and honestly it was Just it was a bit like bit like the twilight zone I mean it was, was really not. You know you know in a sort of a sphere of amazement in terms of the ball striking in the feel of the golf swing though I’ve never had before, but I feel so I felt so much of this. It was just so much of that going on. Okay, I haven’t hit any shots today, so we’re just try and hit one out here and course cars we’ve got to incorporate all the other stuff that we have with the belt with the teaching belt. We have to incorporate all that stuff and – and that is the feeling is we’re connected here – we’re firing firing firing, but this here once it’s gone to hear it then basically manifests itself into the same feeling as this on this side.

We’Ve got this here. We want to get this over here, so it’s that that’s the feeling and guys on the on the channel for any of the guys. Looking on the channel on the one atomic golf channel, one of the guys sent in a video today of of a guy explaining softball pitch and it’s essentially there’s a lot of what I was going to put on video today in that video. And I was stunned to see it and what he’s saying is that they want to release when that when they’re firing it down here they want to fire it there. They want to fire there.

Well, I want to fire it there, but if you have a look at that, video, that’s on the channel and and it’s just a couple of posts down by one of the guys and his tag is no nothing but Christ crucified. So if you look at his tag, there you’ll see that that video it’s Joe, he comes up with some good stuff, but but he found this and it’s amazing and I said to him: it you’ll be as stunned to see what I’m doing today, because I already Planned it, but there’s there’s a lot of that in there and that that that that pitch, but mine is is more. That way I mean my thought is a meted further that way, so guys just to go over it again. Once we’ve got our now lift and set, and of course we know that once we once we get to here, we just fire the hinge. I keep reinforcing this because you’ve got a you’ve, got a reinforce, but of all the guys I’ve seen over the years, and you know and the thousands of lessons that I that I’ve I’ve given over the years and people I just sort of my training facility and Golf range and most people are just totally mentally impregnated with the thought that this is how the golf swing works.

That’S how you’ve got to feel – and it’s even taught like that people will teach you to want you to do that. That’S the worst thing you can do guys. Chris you’ll never release the golf club, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson both said from the top of the swing. They feel that they feel that from the top of the golf swing, that’s what they felt. It was interesting that Harry Vardon said that he felt that in his golf swing in sorry, he felt in his golf swing that he was doing this Harry said.

No, that’s what I do on my golf swing. I get it going really early Harry, like Jack and and and everybody else, that’s a good ball. Striker on film was here by doing that. You get this. Providing you don’t do that with this, if you’ve got reasonable formation and good mechanics, if you’re doing that, this is all gone anyway and in the standard line from from Jack was you can never release the club too early in John Jacobs, a great British teacher said That you cannot release the golf club too early and John Jacobs used to say that do that.

Try that guys try that with this, try that and that’s very much what we want to do in the DaVinci Code. We want to get it in here. We want to fire this. We don’t want to be firing this when we’re here we want to fire here because it’ll straight line, it doesn’t matter what happens after the golf ball doesn’t matter. No one will ever convince me that there’s more power available to be accumulated with a hinging action than with a cocking action.

No one will ever convince me of that, because that is a. That is the range of motion there. Even for me, I can get it to 90 or 100 degrees and at least 90 over here then with something in there to be a hundred degrees or the risk, I’m lucky to get 20 degrees. So guys, that’s it. I digress.

Okay, it’s a little bit too cloudy here, I’ll, just check the camera and I’ll come back and we’ll uh we’ll just hit some balls with this new action. But I wanted to explain what I’m truck where I’m trying to go. I want to go as far that way with as much early-release that way with this contained here: okay, guys, we’ll just chop at him, we’ll come back and hit some shots.

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