Single Plane golf swing Demonstration with 5 clubs. Setup 4 Impact Golf!

Today, I’m going to be hitting some shots for you with five different golf clubs with my setup for impact golf swing. If you’re not familiar with my setup for impact golf swing, it’s really the easiest way that you can improve your game quickly. And I do that by setting up on my impact plane – and I wanted to talk a little bit today and practice a little bit with different golf clubs and talk about the difference between each club. So I’m going to start with a gap wedge and then I’m going to hit some shots with an 8 iron, a 5 iron 5 wood and with a driver. Please, while you’re here do me a huge favor click.

The red subscribe button below click the bell to accept notifications and hit the thumbs up button that really helps my channel a lot. I really appreciate it talking a little bit here when I’m getting set up, and most of you have already seen my videos, if not check out my channel here on YouTube, and you get some basics on how to get set up for impact. I’M basically looking at getting into a good impact position here with the grip leading the hands through impact. So I’m going to find my distance from the ball based on that impact position and with my practice swings then I can see where the club’s striking the ground and I’ll keep that same distance from the ball. I’M also setting up with my wrists cocked.

Thats very similar to what bryson d chambeau does as well as moe Norman Moe Norman stood, although very far from the ball. So I’m not copying me because I don’t like to have to drop down and when I did that swing for many many years and taught it is, most people lost quite a bit of distance and I did myself so I prefer to keep it level and make It easier to hit great golf shots right out the gate, so I’m going to get set up here I’ll make a couple practice swings here with the gap wedge and then just hit a couple. I haven’t hit many today. It’S a really hot humid day in south Florida and I’m just kind of getting warmed up here. Nice dead straight gap wedge shot and I’m at the back of the range just because of the position of the sun.

So that’s why the grass is kind of long here I can hit some out of a bad lie. Also, that’s not an issue. I’M trying to get a nice flat spot here through impact, and I do that with every golf club really trying to get it going through, like that. I do that through my setup and then trying to get my body to the impact position after a great transition. A couple with the 8 iron and some of you asked about the grips I use the jumbo max ultra light and size small, it’s still bigger than every jumbo on the market and they’re really nice and light.

I feel it fits my hands a little bit better. So here’s the eight iron again I’m going to try to find my distance from the ball. I’M set up wrists cocked club in line with my leading arm hips bumped forward, and then I’m just trying to get it to feel a good transition. I can see where the club strikes the ground, i’m trying to stay level here with my hips through the shot as well as my head in the past, because of copying mo. I stood so far away that I was dropping down eight inches and it’s really difficult to become consistent.

That way, obviously, and losing distance are no fun. So once I get set up the proper distance from the ball, then it’s just backing through the beauty. That’S the 8-iron. You can put one in the divot here. I don’t know if you’ll see the ball.

Some people have commented that it’s easy to hit off of a perfect lie, which is maybe true, but if you’re coming in properly it shouldn’t be an issue to hit it out of here either dead straight. Just like the last one, we’ll grab the five iron easy to warm up today when it’s 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity, here’s a five iron so as the clubs are getting longer, my ball position is moving a little bit more forward in the stance. So I am trying to swing here also on a single plane me i take the club back and through on the same plane. It doesn’t have to be exactly on the plane, but I want it to be close, especially here in this area from here to here. I want it to be on my setup plane, so that’s why I don’t set up with the hands low, which is a different plane and then I’m above and then I’m on a new plane at impact.

I find it a lot easier to just set up on the plane I’m going to be on at impact, so here’s the five iron I’m going the same direction here. I also stand a little wider. The ball is a little bit more forward in my stance. A good one dead straight, the grass is kind of spongy here. This is not a good place to be, but it wouldn’t work on the other side of the range just simply by the sun.

I would look like a silhouette there, so with the longer clubs I want to see making some practice swings, I’m going to be a little bit farther from the ball. Obviously, but I want to get that same feeling of the hands leading through impact and the club. Just sweeping through can’t hit him any better than that dead. Perfect. We hit a couple five woods and these are except for the wedge.

These are all Callaway clubs. This is the model from a year or two ago. I think it’s the epic flash I really like them. I got them to fit at club champion golf which to me I get asked a lot about clubs. If you need special clubs for this method and honestly, the clubs have to fit your swing, speed for the proper shaft length and lie angle, there’s nothing specific to this swing.

I stand at the same distance from the ball. I need the same club that I needed 20 years ago when I played conventional golf, which, for me is about three or four degrees upright, but what’s going to decide the lie. Angle is your distance from the ball, how tall you are and factors like that swing? Speed and shaft as well, so I prefer club champion it’s fantastic. They find the best club to fit you regardless of brand and they use trackman to measure every shot so that you can see which shaft club head combination works best for you.

So I love what they do if you do want to get a fit and go to the club champion, if you put in my name as your referral you’ll get the VIP treatment. There they’ll also knock a few percent off the price. So, with the 5 wood balls a little bit more forward and I’m going to set up the same swing, it’s going to feel like I get it get go through impact again with the hands leading. You know, the ball is a little bit forward.

Dead, perfect can’t hit it any better than that. I try to keep my trailing leg. Weight on the inside of the foot keep some nice bend in the legs so that I can explode through impact again just trying to feel the impact. Setting up with the wrists cocked here to get my distance from the ball. Another beauty when you hit a couple drives for you and I have to take it easy with the driver.

Theres some people at the end of the range. I don’t want to scare we’re gon na hit a couple drivers. I’M gon na aim just a little bit more to the right, just there’s a person at the end of the range actually on the proper side, I’m in the wrong side, but because of the sun. So I’m going to aim a little bit to the right here. More than on the other videos, it’s perfect, I’m gon na aim to make sure my ball position is correct distance from the ball here I stand the farthest away.

Obviously it’s the longest golf club and then it’s just back and through dead straight, so the ball position may look more forward than it is just because I’m aiming a little bit more to the right than usual perfect. So I hope you enjoyed the video check out. My website linked below for a simple to follow program on how to improve your ball striking quickly and again. Please subscribe to my channel here on YouTube and like this video. Thank you very much and I hope you have a great day.

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