2。Decoding Moe Norman’s Single Plane Swing -【Part 2】

You ever wondered if you should roll your hands through impact. Well, moe norman! Didn’T today we’re going to talk about decoding mo in part two. So, there’s no better feeling, knowing that when you wake up in the morning to go, play golf so that you’re gon na play well, there’s no better feeling of hitting good golf shots down the fairway. So my mission today is to help as many people as possible.

Wake up every day feeling good that they’re going to go out there and play great because of the single point swing. My arms are never twisting they’re, never twisted, always pendulum pendulum straight through that’s right. My wrists are never turning over top of one another, but you stand right here for the whole time stay right here i wouldn’t hit you. I go right past your face. Every time, let’s go right now i wouldn’t even know you’re standing there.

I hit the ball in my hands. Go to the sky. I swing through the golf course look at my hands, you’re, always in the golf course. Okay, why swing through the golf course i don’t swing around my hands are always going at the blanket they’re always going at the flag, our fans? Will your hands go?

The club goes wherever our hands go. That’S where the clip goes see my hand goes backwards. All the same, no one hits the stream she gets along because i got a simple move. That’S why i got such a simple move: simple as ebt great as great as can be nice and solid, and straight keep watching your hands just going right straight into the turret or the other. On the back of the left hand square as can be never twisted.

It’S way out way out there way out here still square okay, after everything’s happened when you, when you were real young and you were learning to strike the golf ball uh. How long did it take? Did you learn to do that? Five years, five years sometime, i was 14 19, but i never gave up, but you just kept working working work yeah. Oh my boyfriend said: oh you’ll, never really get that way.

Couldn’T help that far back and everything but they’re right in the face. They are sure. Oh yeah sure watch, oh god right there here watch. Look at that move. Look at that move like!

Are you ready? The mother shoulder like i said when you stand here right now hold on the rest of you. I wouldn’t hit you my hand, trouble go right back to your face, just stand in reach, read or have your copy a couple just go right back to your face. I wouldn’t even know you’re there. Oh yeah, they all bring their kids up.

All the kids sit behind me, but the junior’s office. You can see this and you explain it to them. Oh yeah, they at least have at one point heard how it should be done. I never thought when i was a kid go, go file your own canoe. 40 years ago, golf was crazy, silly game get up on walk yesterday.

Looking now so one of the questions i get asked because when you watch video, so here’s one of the things about mo is what you see and what is happening are very different. I’M going to explain to you why, when one of the things that moe would talk about, as you saw in that last video was he talked about whether the hands roll through the roll through impact? Now here’s what he says, i never twist my hands. I never roll my hands and my hands go right to the sky right, so he’ll even demonstrate kind of a move where the hands don’t quite roll over right. But if you watch a video here’s, what you’re going to see if you watch a video from that angle, you’re going to see the release, look like this you’re going to see this hand get extended and you’re going to say to me.

Oh todd, look: his hands are rolling but they’re actually not and i’ll. Explain to you why now here’s what i want to talk to you about why this isn’t occurring when, when you watch that video from that perspective, you it looks like the there’s a rotation of the hands, but if you’re standing, where i am or standing where mo Was and you look at where the hand position is it’s in the same relationship to the body as it was from here same relationship, in other words, the hand did not rotate relative to the rotation of the torso see now. This is where people get it wrong, because people say oh he’s, rolling his hands and you’ll probably run to the range and try to roll your hands. But you, if you have the rotation of the torso that matches the extension of the arm. You do not feel that you roll the hands matter of fact.

The hands are the hand would be here at address, and it would be there through the extension and the release, so is my hand rolling, absolutely not because that relationship’s maintained that’s exactly what mo felt when he talked about swinging through the course. Because let’s talk about the the three basic principles that he talked about in that last video, i swing through the course my arms never twist and my hands go to the sky. Now those things all kind of go together because he’s on a single plane very difficult to get this type of motion or get understand what moe’s talking about if you’re, not starting the club on the same plane as impacting. So this is what moe was doing. Let me just kind of go down the line, so you can see this.

I always have this alignment trainer here. So you can see. This is a training aid that i use. It always gets my line and my foot position correct you can’t you can’t train that enough. That’S why i always use this.

So here’s what happens so mo because he’s starting, as you know, on a single plane. So, let’s go through that one more time for those of you that are kind of new to the single plane motion here. Mo’S address position puts the club on the same exact plane as impact. In other words, the club starts, starts and impacts on the exact same plane. This allows for him to have the proper spacing from the ball.

It eliminates motion go back to the first video in this series, he’s eliminating movement, taking pressure off the spine and eliminating rotation. He’S found the easiest placement of the body to get back to impact now because of that, because he has the single plane address and the single plane impact watch. What happens after impact here’s impact and then after impact, the club as he turns go, extends down the line. It goes towards the target and mo often said i swing towards my target. My hands go towards my target.

I swing through the golf course right. Well, what that what he meant was he’s doing this if you’re going to skip a rock, what do you do you make your arm go in the direction you want the rock to go? Why would you want the arms to go any place else? He’S taken the club back through the golf ball through the golf course and consequently, what happens after impact as well is that once he gets extended here and that’s in a non-rotational position, because that’s the same movement from here to here he’s not rotating he’s extending, then The club finishes in a high plane here, so his hands go high. They have to because that’s through the golf course now in comparison right, so you’re wondering well what’s different with that conventional golf there there has to be a comparison, because what do most people teach you in the conventional golf world?

Well, they have your hands hanging straight down. Well, what happens? There is the ball to me. This is a spatial problem and this is why you know when people say this and i got a question for you before we get too far. You look at moh’s.

Golf swing and you see this extension right, this extended position and that looks different to you. That looks weird you’re like well. Why doesn’t you know? Why is he doing that or why doesn’t everybody else do that? Well, let’s look at what other people do.

They hang the arm straight down. This is what people call the conventional golf swing right. The arms are hanging down, but let me ask you: has anybody said how far your hand should be from your body or what is the exact spacing of that? And i’ve heard people say from you: can’t have your hands too close to the body to one fist length away. I’Ve heard all different explanations of that, but here’s the problem with that either way, no matter how far your hands are from your body.

There you’re too, close to the ball from your feet to the toe line. So what you have to do? You have to lift your body up to make space space for the club in your arms to fit in between your body. You have to make space now that spatial problem is solved. Watch the pj tour you’ll see some players that are on their toes you’ll, see some players that rotate more they’re all trying to solve the spatial problem between the ball.

Well, here’s how moe solved it. He basically set up with the proper amount of space to get back to impact, with the same space. Very simple way to do. That makes a lot of sense, which then now allows his hands to go down the line and him you know he used to tell me when i hit golf balls with him. Todd stay with it, stay with it, stay with your shot.

How many times have you hit a golf shot where you come out of it and you’re like i lifted my head, i came out of it well, with mo it was stay with it, which meant as long as you have the right space. You stay your arms stay with it because you’re staying down through the golf ball here, you don’t have to lift anymore, so you stay with the golf shot. Hands go towards the target, that’s what mo was talking about when he, when he said swing through the golf course. I don’t twist my hands, no rotation and i basically finish high and that’s why he could do that because it’s all based on the single plane address and the single point swing, hope you enjoyed today’s content. Don’T forget, subscribe.

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