Golf Shower Thoughts | Disregarding Impact

Here’S a simple: let’s call it a shower thought about golf [, Music, ], the club head is actually moving down the target line for about maybe a foot, six six, eight inches, something like that, the rest of the time it’s moving in all sorts of other directions And yet we all seem to be very concerned with those tiny little six inches. Now. What you really should be doing is thinking when the club’s up here the club head, needs to be going that way when it’s down here it needs to be going. That way. Only when it gets to the target line does it go that way and after that, it’s going that way and after that it’s going completely backwards away from the target.

So if you, if you were to take the two feet out of that part of the swing and only think about from here, it’s moving away from the target there. It’S moving toward the target line, i’m going to forget about all that stuff in between and then i’m going to go up and away right, so the most important part we’re actually going to forget about so we go. That means that we have to go through there without any thought where it’s it’s such a tiny part of the golf swing that we don’t actually want to think about that part. If all of these parts, where it’s moving away, it’s moving toward the target line through now it’s moving up and now it’s moving away from the target again, if those positions are working, that one has to work, and it’s really a lot easier. If you think of the golf swing that way than it is, if you’re thinking about these little six inches here and trying to make it happen as fast as you can right, okay, please like and subscribe.

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