STOP CHUNKING CHIPS! [ Easier than you think ]

Lets talk about chunky chips, you’ve all hit them, but what causes a chunky, chip well you’re, you’re – probably not going to believe it, but it’s maintaining the level of your right hip. So if you simply maintain the level of your right hip that keep you at the proper height from the ball, if this hip changes in any way you’re going to either skull it or chuck it now, I will show you from the down the line view and I’Ll go, there’s virtually no grass here, it’s just a little bit of clover and this club has a really sharp leading edge, not my favorite club. It sits on the bag on the side of the house, but if I maintain this hip and don’t let it raise up or down, I can clip that ball right off the ground, no problem at all, and it’s just not moving this hip. Its just that easy. Give it a try hit like hit subscribe, buy some merch join the overhand golf website coming soon.

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