Eliminate Your Weight Shift to Increase Power in Your Golf Swing

I’Ll discuss with you how to fix your weight shift in your swing. You know the traditional golf swing tells you that you need to shift your weight to your right side and then shift your weight back to your left in order to hit a powerful strike. The problem with that is that shifting requires you to develop a specific rhythm, tempo and timing and an ability to manage those movements during the swing. What, if you didn’t have to shift your weight? What if you could still create power by just keeping your weight anchored on your left foot, because, if you think about it, when you’re shifting your weight, you’re just shifting your weight back to your left side?

And if you don’t get back to your left side, you don’t have any power. Would you ever think that? Maybe if you never left your left side – and you just stayed on your left side – the power would be abundant, but then you’d eliminate this need for the shift. You’D eliminate the need to manage movements of the swing instead, you’re just anchoring your weight on your left foot, but I could promise you this. There is an abundance of power when you just leave your weight anchored on one foot, and you know why it’s because of the shaft power in the golf swing is not about making the clubface go fast.

Its about flexing the shaft. If you could flex the shaft, you immediately get that feedback of that powerful, easy soft gentle strike that is so elusive. It feels so good to create. All that happens in that strike. Is that the shaft flexed – and why does the shaft flex, the shaft flexes from centripetal force centripetal force, is what iron Byron uses the robot the tests all gear?

It’S what he’s using there’s one Center access point and the club the club rotates around that access. Point centripetal force is what happens when a tether ball goes around a tetherball Pole, provided the pole remains still, the string will be taut, as the ball goes around the pole. The same thing is true here: the pole is on your left side or your forward side and then the string and the ball is your arm, the club and the club head. So if you can hold your position, you’re now going to create centripetal force, it’s in TripIt tool, force that flexes the shaft and when you flex the shaft, that’s how you get power. So now you can just anchor your weight, get the club to work for you.

Instead of you doing all the work with the weight shift and just anchor your weight and force power, while you’re also enjoying consistency, so don’t shift your weight anchor into your forward side and find all the value that you can create from your forward side. When you don’t shift your weight,

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