Moe Norman: The ‘Rain Man’ of golf who amazed even the greats of the game | CNN International

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[, Music, ], moe’s name, isn’t that well known because he didn’t make it on the pga tour. We live in this in this culture in which we celebrate celebrity and those who achieved that at the highest level, um mo did not do that mo didn’t win on the on the pga tour mo was a was a legend in canada and people who heard it Heard about his his name spread throughout the world so to become pretty well known. You have to be known by the mass and that’s through popular culture, about math media and that type of thing, and so moe is more of a cult hero that you would read in a you know in the magazine, article and golf digest here and there, and So in books and that type of thing, so that that’s really, why mo didn’t get to be that well known, i don’t think i’ve ever seen. Anybody do what mo could do to a golf ball as far as the consistency of the flight, the the windows, he would hit the golf ball in and and with just such simplicity, [, Music ]. There was also an incident in his second year in which two players on the tour talked to mo in a locker room, and he said mo.

You got ta, stop fooling around take the cat and stop with the big t’s. All this type of thing and mo felt humiliated, and he left the tour he was in contention or tournament. He left it. He said that was it and that led to a lifetime of mo feeling that they didn’t like him, and he and and and if mo, had the sense that uh people had had a forum or that they were up here. And he was here or you or he felt slighted by you.

He would write you off, there’s a huge difference between if you were in his inner circle and if you weren’t, and so if you were to walk up to him on the street and he may not even talk to you and just walk away. Or you could say something to him, he would be. He would seem very rude. So if you’re in that inner circle, when i played golf with him, i thought he was a great great to play golf with. He was.

He was super friendly and fun and he would complement your shots and he had great little one-liners when you’d play, and i mean he was just like your buddy

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